House and town silhouettes


Snowy house and church silhouette set of five

Victorian row houses silhouette

Snowy town silhouette

Little town silhouette

Snowy church silhouette

Christmas town silhouette

Old town silhouette

Victorian house large silhouette

Church silhouette

Victorian house 1 silhouette

Victorian house 3 silhouette

Victorian house 2 silhouette

Mom’s Pre Christmas sale…..

Stunning Nativity Christmas ornament ….. Pre – Christmas sale….

Nativity scene set of 18 …. Pre Christmas sale

Extra large New York skyline silhouette ….. Pre Christmas sale….


DIY Nativity centerpiece …. Pre Christmas sale…..

3D DIY Eiffel tower large …. Pre Christmas sale….

DIY 3D New York City skyline ….. Pre Christmas sale….

Masquerade mask cupcake toppers set of 24 …. Pre Christmas sale….

DIY New York skyline centerpiece …. Pre Christmas sale….

Eiffel tower Paris centerpiece …. Pre Christmas sale….

Diy castle stand alone centerpiece …. Pre Christmas sale….

DIY Once upon a time centerpiece … Pre Christmas sale….

DIY double sided 12 days of Christmas ornaments ….Pre Christmas sale….

Mother Goose collection set of 20 …. Pre Christmas sale….


New items from Mom’s 11/19/14

DIY Superhero centerpiece


Sneaking a peek at Christmas silhouette

Christmas bells silhouette

Little town silhouette


DIY Extra large Christmas centerpiece or silhouette number 2

DIY extra large For unto us a child is born centerpiece

DIY Extra large Christmas centerpiece or silhouette

DIY Extra large beautiful church centerpiece

DIY Extra large children sledding centerpiece

Cute carriage silhouette

Christmas tree of words silhouette

Snowy Christmas tree silhouette

Santa on the roof silhouette

DIY Bow bunting

Beautiful Church silhouette

Adorable angel silhouette


A purrfect Christmas cats with presents silhouette